G’day welcome to my personal blog.

This blog will share all my knowledge and experiences. I strongly believe, Sharing is Caring…I share my everyday with


you,because I care about you.


This website is segmented into several sections and for ease of use the sections are explained briefly as follows:

  1. I hope the explanation above will make this web routing easy. However, any issues with this web, i am always available in 
    Reach Me AnytimeHome:  holds a welcome message and complete instructions for web user guide.
  2. About: contains the information regarding the author( me 😉 and the sections are
    • Interests: Tells about my interests
    • Destined Speculation: my Dreams that are yet waiting to turn into real life
    • Skills Accomplishment: Skills that I achieved.
    • Initiatives: Tiny Initiatives that I took and carrying in my life
    • Quotes from Life: My own quote that  I elaborated from the lesson of my life
    • Reach Me Anytime; information to reach me whenever u miss me 🙂
  3. Sharing: Hold all the information below:
    • Knowledge Database: my knowledge database
    • Ideas to Implement: My ideas that are still waiting for implementation
    • Learning from Life: Life experiences few of them to avoid and some of it to follow
    • Collected Quotes: Quotes I love to follow and want you to use as a guide of your life
  4. Blog: is the most dynamic part of this web with all regular activity and updates we all will share our ideas here.
  5. Gallery: will hold visual displays that includes but are not limited to my life events, photography video etc.

Happy Surfing :0)