Quotes from Life

Quotes from my life experiences:
  1. “Sharing is Caring…So I share my everyday with you,because I care about you’
  2. “when u think u r smart that’s well accepted, But considering me a fool is a gr8 mistake and very much annoying”
  3. “Winners don’t do different things…they Do things Differently”
  4. “Don’t fly too much …remember about your fuel limitation”
  5. “The world does not move on my words, so doesn’t everyone…..Every entity does what it wants to do”
  6. ” **LIFE ** is nothing Personal …its all Social and your surroundings So Take it EASY …”
  7. Nothing is Urgent is this world… EVERYTHING can WAIT & Everyone has to wait 😐

  8. In a Gigantic world, we are a tiny little objects….Thousands and Millions events are happening —- you can’t really Control or Contribute on everything… So do not even think/Care about something that you can’t  Control/change ….the best you can do is ..
    • “say to yourself ” What you can do?… you can’t really do anything ” leave it as is”
  9. In Sales/business there is Nothing left for tomorrow Everything has to be NOW. & for tomorrow all you have is LUCK.



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